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About us


Everything we know in a single drop

Teisseire Gourmet Drops were born out of our passion for the best quality ingredients, and our expertise at concentrating rich flavours.

Gourmet Drops are sugar free, concentrated, flavoured syrup. They come in a handy pack, perfect for taking them out and about. 

Each pack contains 20 servings, and their concentrated nature means a little goes a long way.

Currently available in rich vanilla, smooth velvety caramel and indulgent chocolate, Gourmet Drops are sugar and fat free, which makes them perfect for guilt free indulgent drinks or even for sugar free baking.

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Our story - A long and rich heritage

We're originally a French brand with nearly 300 years' proud heritage. We began in 1720 when Mathieu Teisseire created a distillery at Grenoble in the French Alps. It produced fruit and plant-based alcoholic drinks, including Ratafia - the famous cherry-based aperitif.