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High Protein Vanilla Quark Yumminess

Quark with fruit and Vanilla Gourmet DropsLike many of our customers, I originally started using Gourmet Drops to add a sweet twist to my coffee without the sugar hit. However, 6 weeks into my weight loss journey and I realise that there is a new protein rich super food in town - Quark.  It was during the queue for the scales the other week that the penny dropped for me over why you'd use Quark and not fat free Greek Yogurt. For Slimming World, fat free PLAIN Quark is not only a FREE food, but it is also a PROTEIN rich one. That means that if you are doing an SP day you can use Quark instead of Fat Free yogurt, and because it is so rich in protein it should fill you up for longer! Quark can have more than double the amount of protein that yogurt has. I've also followed the Weight Watchers diet in the past, and this recipe works well for that too - just make sure that you use PLAIN Quark. Quark can have up to DOUBLE the amount of protein of yogurt.

Warning: Use Plain Quark and check your brand's value with your leader or online as some are NOT FREE on Slimming World!

The only problem is, Quark on its own doesn't taste of anything - and that's where Gourmet Drops come in.


  • A dash of Vanilla Gourmet Drops + Quark + Fruit = The PERFECT SP breakfast or snack
  • Chocolate Gourmet Drops + Quark + Raspberries = A dessert that tastes like Chocolate Cheesecake 
  • Caramel Gourmet Drops + Quark = Caramel Flavoured yogurt - but which is FREE on an SP day for Slimming World.

Add a good dollop of Quark (it is healthy after all) to a bowl, and then squeeze a dash or Gourmet Drops. Mix well. Add fruit for extra SPEED.

So, whether  you are trying to lose weight, or simply eat healthier foods, Plain Quark is an excellent source of protein (which can be used in savoury recipes too) and with a dash of Gourmet Drops can be transformed into a diet friendly breakfast, snack or treat.

For other inspiration take a look back through our blog - another fave recipe of mine is Syn Free Baked Oats - (make sure you don't cook the fruit, and use the Oats as a Healthy Extra)...

Disclaimer: This recipe works at time of writing, I use Morrison's natural Quark  and checked it was Syn Free via my Slimming World App, where Gourmet Drops are also listed as Syn Free.

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I work for Gourmet Drops and am responsible for making sure you receive your order in a timely fashion and that Gourmet Drops continues to thrive. In my spare time I am a Mummy to 2 lovely sons, and attend Slimming World on a Wednesday evening close to my home.