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Sugar Free – Caramel Iced Mocha

Cold Coffee in cup with Gourmet DropsGourmet Drops provide the mocha and the caramel in this fab Cold Coffee, a great caffeine fix for a hot day (and could that hot day be this weekend?...)
We’re hoping the weather is finally on the turn and that blue skies will dominate our weekend. And because my sons’ are playing in a Rugby tour near the coast this weekend – I'm crossing all of my fingers and toes as I will be outside the WHOLE time, come rain or shine…

Iced coffee - a cool caffeine hit - perfect for summer

If you're really serious about coffee, you might want to consider a cold brew coffee that is specifically formulated to be served cold.

If, like me, you're somewhere in the middle - normal coffee, filter or instant works well for this recipe.

It was during a trip to Vietnam a few years ago that I really got into iced coffee, at breakfast, the hotel had hot coffee and a bucket of ice next to a jug of condensed milk. If you wanted it hot you used the mug, and cold you added ice cubes to the drink before drowning it in condensed milk.

When not on holiday, I tend to avoid adding the condensed milk (!) and add a drop of Caramel Gourmet Drops to sweeten – making sure that I keep my calorie count down, but taste to a maximum.


  • 2 cups strong brewed, chilled coffee
  • 1/2 cup milk (Cows, Soy, Almond – which ever you prefer…)
  • 1 tsp of cocoa powder
  • Squeeze of Caramel Gourmet Drops
  • Squeeze of Chocolate Gourmet Drops
  • 1/2 cup ice


Short for time?

Make the coffee, add the drops and cocoa powder and stir (I have one of those battery powered milk frother thingies which are a great short cut – and easier to get out than the blender.)

Pour over ice

Taking your time?

Put all of the ingredients, including the ice into a blender and blitz. You’ll get a lovely ice cold drink – a caffeinated slushy. Mmmmm.

And, if you want to – there’s no harm in a little bit of whipped cream on top (or a slug of condensed milk) every now and then?

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