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Cherry and Chocolate for breakfast?

Cherry and Chocolate and CoffeeWe're often told that breakfast is the most important meal of the day - but a study published last year revealed that over 50% of us are too busy to eat breakfast!*

Whether it's dashing out of the house for work, rushing the kids to school, or that you're just too tired to make a hearty breakfast in the morning. Too often, many of us leave the house without eating, only to become STARVING an hour later. And if you're watching your weight, it can be hard to find healthy on-the-go breakfast alternatives.

That's why I love making breakfast the night before and keeping it in the fridge so that I can grab and go quickly the next day.

This delicious Chocolate and Cherry yogurt is perfect for doing just that. And if you're the sort of person who NEEDS carbs in the morning, simply pop in some oats and leave them to soak up the lovely fruit juice.

I use frozen fruit (it means less waste as I only use what I need, and means that there is always something I can have to eat - even when I haven't had the time to shop!)

Adding a drop of Chocolate Gourmet Drops to your Quark or natural yogurt makes it taste like chocolate cheesecake - a delicious, healthy treat for breakfast!


I ALWAYS transport my breakfast in a reusable pot, and make sure that the lid is on TIGHTLY. Frozen fruit is very juicy when it defrosts, and it can leak... (all over my car seat - eeeeekkkkk).


- A portion of Fat free yogurt or Quark (you can use Cherry flavoured if you like)

- Frozen Fruit (Cherries, Raspberries, Blueberries - whatever you fancy)

- Some Oats, if like me, you need some carbs


In a small reusable container simply mix all of the ingredients together and pop in the Fridge overnight. Sometimes, I'm not hungry until 11am, so I often make this in the morning and then eat a few hours later - so you don't have to leave it overnight.


Check out our blog for other ideas, or search #GourmetDrops on Instagram to see how others are using Gourmet Drops.

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* Research from article in Express Jan 2016.