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Light Mocha

With the wintery weather taking it's toll, we know exactly how to warm you up.

This smooth chocolatey delight will satisfy your sweet tooth and warm you up to perfection. Quick, simple and sugar free!

What you’ll need

  • Frothed skimmed milk (or almond milk)
  • Chocolate Gourmet Drops
  • Chocolate powder to Garnish
  • 1 or 2 Shots of Espresso


    Firstly, prepare the Espresso Coffee shot and put it in your favourite mug. Next, froth or warm up the milk and pour into the Mug with the Espresso slowly. To finish off, squeeze in your Chocolate Gourmet Drops to taste. Now sit back, relax and enjoy!

    Here is a lovely photo from Sabby on Facebook showing us her dairy free version - she used cashew milk and it looks amazing!

    Share your photos with us using #teisseiregourmetdrops or tag us on Instagram!