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Delicious in natural yogurts, Skyr and Quark

We know that many of our customers follow the Slimming World diet and recent changes in syn values might you leave you wondering how to plug that sweet craving...

Never fear, our syrups are still syn free, and as well as using them in your coffee or hot drinks, you can use a drop to flavour natural, plain yogurt or quark and Skyr. 

PLAIN Quark or Skyr are FREE foods and PROTEIN rich. That means that if you are doing an SP day you can use them instead of Fat Free yogurt, because they are so rich in protein they should fill you up for longer!
Vegans can also rejoice as Gourmet Drops are also suitable for Vegans/Vegetarians, and now that unsweetened dairy free/soya yogurt is - there's no need to eat it plain if you don't want to.
Here are some of Qyark/Skyr/Soya/Yogurt ideas: